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UPC: 1304290

resin filler in a spray can.
The product has a high filling power, is quick-drying, can be …

UPC: 1306704

Quick-drying control paint for filling and sanding work, for fine
Pores in sanded layers of putty or …

UPC: 1308804

The product has a high filling power, dries quickly, is easy to sand and is compatible …

UPC: 1402110

is a red-brown, real 2K primer in a 1K can. An innovative technology allows the hardener …

UPC: 1402210

is a gray real 2K primer filler in a 1K can. An innovative technology allows the …

UPC: 1407090

Long-term primer before overcoating with paints and varnishes on metal.
Protects against corrosion and prevents further rusting.
The …

UPC: 1407510

corrosion protection based on zinc.
Adheres to all metals, is water-resistant, contains 95% zinc and 5% synthetic …

UPC: 1407910

Quick-drying corrosion protection for all metals with long-term effects.
The material combination of metallic zinc and aluminum …

UPC: 1408004

Depending on the spray distance, a finer or coarser structure is achieved.
After drying, the structural fix …

UPC: 1600301

Self-adhesive, vibration-inhibiting plate for insulating and damping metal and plastic parts. The
product is cold and hot …

UPC: 1600303

kLine anti-drumming panel is a self-adhesive bitumen damping film based on high-quality, polymer-modified bitumen and special …

UPC: 1705000

For processing filler compounds.

UPC: 2850100

2-component epoxy putty for bonding, modeling and quick repairs. The strength
achieved is close to that of …

UPC: 6420409

600 ° C temperature-resistant corrosion protection. Adheres very well to all materials and is water-resistant. Synthetic …

UPC: M000024

"Full face mask
Mask body made of thermoplastic, inner mask made of
Silicone offers reliable protection against gases, …

UPC: M000025

"Cover sheet
Cover film with integrated adhesive tape
available in different sizes.
For covering cars and painting. "

UPC: M000084

"Dinitrol paint spray
Fast drying acrylic paint with high coverage.
Due to the high proportion of pigments is …

UPC: M000085

"Dinitrol 8020 plastic styling varnish
Quick drying combination varnish. The solvents are
coordinated so that those used in …

UPC: M000193

kLine silicone remover
is a CHC-free cleaning and degreasing agent for all metallic and polymer materials. It …

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