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UPC: 1117390

Extremely robust coating for vehicle floors, wheel housings, etc. with long-lasting protection against corrosion, road salt …

UPC: 3510019

preservation with excellent oil and water-repellent properties.
Significantly reduces the tendency to re-soiling of the treated surfaces …

UPC: 1024700

Plastic mixer set consisting of 2 mixing tubes and 2 different nozzles.
Suitable for processing Dinitrol 512 …

Special Offers
UPC: 2068500

Disposable gloves, powder-free, pack of 50 pairs.

UPC: 3610259

Active foam concentrate for car wash gentle on paintwork in car washes. The dense, fine-pored foam …

UPC: 6670219

Stable wooden handle with metal thread for prewash angle brush Item no. 66700020

-Length: 153 cm
-stable …

UPC: 4750109

The POLYTOP Lubricator is a solvent-free lubricant and specially developed for use with the POLYTOP Prepa-Pad.
So …

UPC: 3140019

Highly effective stain removal from car seat covers, upholstery and textiles. Also suitable for velor upholstery.

UPC: M000055

"ergo 7430 is a high-strength, universal construction adhesive with good adhesion to metals. It is also …