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UPC: 1211309

is a fast curing, microemissive and easy to use 2-part polyurethane structural adhesive. It hardens through …

UPC: 1211604

is a primer for plastic surfaces, made from resins dispersed in solvents.

UPC: 1506490

kLine IPA Clean isopropanol cleaner contains high-purity isopropanol and cleans with it without
to leave residue. The …

UPC: 1506500

kLine IPA Clean Isopropanol-Reiniger enthält hochreines Isopropanol und reinigt damit, ohne
Rückstände zu hinterlassen. Der Alkohol ist …

UPC: M000155

is a 2K adhesive that was developed primarily for the high-strength bonding of metals and fiber …

UPC: M000183

The corrosion protection material with a light brown, waxy, non-slip film and excellent protective properties is …

UPC: M000184

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UPC: M000186

kLine Cover Wax is a removable, transparent surface protection for machines, agricultural equipment and construction machinery. …

UPC: M000189

is a two-component, room temperature-curing acrylic structural adhesive that was developed for permanent bonding of composite …

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