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Solvent-based, transparent reactivator, which is specifically required for the bonding between Dinitrol window adhesives and polymer …

UPC: 1211604

is a primer for plastic surfaces, made from resins dispersed in solvents.

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DINITROL 580 Spectrum Cleaner is a fast and powerful cleaner for many purposes.
DINITROL 580 Spectrum Cleaner …

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DINITROL 545 22 NF Activator is an adhesion promoter that improves the adhesion of various DINITROL …

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kLine AK-Aktivator wird dort eingesetzt, wo eine schnelle Aushärtung von anaeroben Klebstoffen bei Raumtemperatur gefordert wird.
Gebrauchshinweise: …

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cleaner to be used only in combination with Dinitrol 538 One-Step-Primer.
For pretreatment of car windows, for …

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Dekaclean Ultra is a fast and powerful cleaner for many purposes.
Dekaclean Ultra dries quickly, leaves no …

UPC: 6259212

Dekavator ist ein Haftvermittler, der die Haftung der verschiedenen Dekalin Produkte auf Basis MS Polymer, wie …

UPC: M000064

"Dinitrol 520
Transparent adhesive cleaner. The product is used for
Pretreatment of car windows, for direct glazing
with Dinitrol …

UPC: M000065

"Dinitrol 582 heptane substitute
Transparent, water and amine free solvent,
based on aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Excellent for removing fat and
Dirt …

UPC: M000066

"Dinitrol 538 Plus
One-step primer for window bonding with
Polyurethanes. Solvent-based, physical and
chemically drying black primer that adheres
between …

UPC: M000067

"Dinitrol 530
Low-conductivity, black, solvent-based,
physically and chemically drying glass and
Lacquer primer with corrosion protection. Especially for the
Pretreatment …

UPC: M000068

"Dinitrol 550
Physically and reactively drying multi-primer
based on solvents. Improves the liability of
Dinitrol adhesive. Specially for use …

UPC: M000069

ergo 9195 plastic cleaner is a highly pure, multifunctional product based on organic solvents. Due to …

UPC: M000188

DINITROL 535 Spectrum Plus

1-Step Multi Function Primer for
windscreen replacement

No labelling and training obligation
according to …

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