Underbody Protection

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UPC: 1117390

Extremely robust coating for vehicle floors, wheel housings, etc. with long-lasting protection against corrosion, road salt …

UPC: 1139800

DINITROL 958 is a quick-drying, water-based underbody protection.
DINITROL 958 creates a black, elastic film that effectively …

UPC: M000005

"Dinitrol 4941 (Car)
Corrosion underbody protection product with a
pasty, pronounced thixotropic consistency.
Forms a firm, elastic, waxy and
black …

UPC: M000006

"Dinitrol 4942 (metallic)
Corrosion protection product with a pasty, viscous consistency and pronounced thixotropic
Properties. The product forms …

UPC: M000007

"Dinitrol 449
DINITROL 449 is an environmentally friendly stone chip and
Corrosion protection with anti-drone effect. DINITROL
449 is …

UPC: M000008

"Dinitrol 482
Underbody protection based on wax-bitumen with good
deadening properties and medium drying speed.
Results after drying
an elastic, …

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