Hook Probes / Straight Probes / Replacement Nozzles

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UPC: 1707820

Flexible probe, 2 m long and with a nozzle with a spray angle of 360 ° …

UPC: 1877000

Body for all hook probes HR / UBS / Kombi length 20cm
100 mesh filter

UPC: 1878206

Gerade Sonde mit Düse (Sprühwinkel 20°) für Hohlraumschutz

UPC: 2047006

Adapter piece for screwing the small 4mm special nozzle onto the
Standard flex probe 1707800

UPC: 2810349

UPC: 9750040

Special probe 1 meter for Airmix pump or pressure cup gun

UPC: 9750060

Special probe 1.5 meters for Airmix pump or pressure cup gun

UPC: 9770100

Structural gun for processing 1 l cans, for structural spraying of underbody and stone chip protection.

UPC: 9780300

Specially developed to seal through smaller holes, such as water drainage holes in doors and the …

UPC: M000182

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