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UPC: 1100810

Rust converter, corrosion protection and, through enrichment with epoxy resin, primer in one. The rust is …

UPC: 1101004

gearboxes that are hazardous to water and that work underwater.
Due to its high adhesive strength, it …

UPC: 1141800

Cleans rims, loosens rusty nuts, maintains and keeps the antenna running, moisture creeps under the ignition …

UPC: 1208390

kLine Spray Fix spray adhesive
is an adhesive for the permanent connection of foam, jute,
Felt, textiles, insulating …

UPC: 1220200

Extremely strong cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue) for bonding a wide variety of materials.
The special feature is the …

UPC: 1402110

is a red-brown, real 2K primer in a 1K can. An innovative technology allows the hardener …

UPC: 1406490

Transparent care, protection, release agent and lubricant. For joints, hinges, slide rails for car seats, door …

UPC: 1406504

Approx. 800 ° C heat-resistant corrosion protection, the pigments of which consist of 99.5% pure aluminum.
The …

UPC: 1407510

corrosion protection based on zinc.
Adheres to all metals, is water-resistant, contains 95% zinc and 5% synthetic …

UPC: 1407910

Quick-drying corrosion protection for all metals with long-term effects.
The material combination of metallic zinc and aluminum …

UPC: 1408290

Serves for the lubrication of mechanical parts that are exposed to particularly strong shocks and vibrations.
Can …

UPC: 1504504

Solvent-free hand cleaner with skin protection.

UPC: 1506050

Fast and effective with a permanent lubricating effect.
Reduces damage caused by high mechanical friction in metal …

UPC: 1506500

kLine IPA Clean Isopropanol-Reiniger enthält hochreines Isopropanol und reinigt damit, ohne
Rückstände zu hinterlassen. Der Alkohol ist …

UPC: 1703200

Flexible nylon probe with 360 ° nozzle. For processing cavity preservation products in spray cans. Suitable …

UPC: 1704700

Special brush that is 30 mm wide and has nylon bristles approx. 30 mm long. For
spreading …

UPC: 1705000

For processing filler compounds.

UPC: 2000400

Handy, light heat gun with 3 heat settings. Ideal for removing stickers from the vehicle. Safe …

UPC: 2010410

P2-Masken bieten Schutz bis zum 10-fachen des MAK-Wertes und schützen vor Partikeln gesundheitsgefährdender, mindergiftiger, fester und …

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