Structural Adhesives

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UPC: 1004009

Special properties: very low-emission, elastic adhesive joint, solvent-free, compatible with natural stone, non-foaming, low shrinkage, good …

UPC: 1207004

High-modulus, low-conductivity, solvent-free and fast-curing 2-component PUR industrial adhesive. Characterized by a very fast build-up of …

UPC: 1221300

Moisture-reactive 1-component PUR adhesive, low in particles, with good adhesion to top coats, very good staying …

UPC: 1228800

2-component PUR adhesive with high strength, which is particularly suitable for structural bonds. The pot life …

UPC: 1294000

Moisture-curing 1-component construction adhesive. Can be painted over,
tolerance-compensating, vibration-inhibiting, non-corrosive, electrically non-conductive,
good aging resistance, high staying …

UPC: 1640200

Solvent-free adhesive and sealant based on PVC that cures from + 160 ° C. Cannot be …

UPC: 5004980

Particularly fast, universally applicable assembly adhesive for reliable and permanent connections in the building trade and …

UPC: 5004990

Besonders schneller, universell einsetzbarer Montagekleber für zuverlässige und dauerhafte Verbindungen im Bauhandwerk und bei industriellen Anwendungen. …

UPC: M000056

"Dekasyl MS-5
Dekaseal MS-5 ist ein MS Polymer-basierter Klebstoff mit
hoher Haftwirkung und Anfangsfestigkeit, der zur Herstellung
von elastischen …

UPC: M000057

"Dinitrol F 500
Moisture curing, solvent and PVC free
1-component construction adhesive. Overpaintable,
tolerance-compensating, vibration-inhibiting, not
corrosive, electrically non-conductive, good …

UPC: M000058

"Dinitrol 515 A / B
Adhesive system consisting of a moisture-curing
Adhesive mass and an accelerating paste.

UPC: M000059

"Dinitrol 516 2K A / B
The 2K PU system is used for bonding in vehicle construction
as …

UPC: M000060

"Cosmopur 859/805 / PU-220.180
2K PUR adhesive
Is used as a surface adhesive for bonding various
Material surfaces such …

UPC: M000061

"Cosmopur 890/805 / PU-200.180
2K PUR adhesive
For surface bonding of PVC hard, pre-treated
Aluminum, stainless steel, glass fiber …

UPC: M000151

DINITROL 771 is an MS polymer-based adhesive with high green strength. DINITROL 771
is suitable for the …

UPC: M000155

is a 2K adhesive that was developed primarily for the high-strength bonding of metals and fiber …

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