Sealing compounds/Adhesives

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UPC: 1004009

Special properties: very low-emission, elastic adhesive joint, solvent-free, compatible with natural stone, non-foaming, low shrinkage, good …

UPC: 1004119

Application examples
. Corrosion protection of bare aluminum profile cuts
. Sealing of e.g. E.g. mitres, butt joints …

UPC: 1024700

Plastic mixer set consisting of 2 mixing tubes and 2 different nozzles.
Suitable for processing Dinitrol 512 …

UPC: 1167860

Static mixer for Dinitrol 515 adhesive set. High flow plastic mixer for optimal
Mixing of both components …

UPC: 1204304

Solvent-based, transparent reactivator, which is specifically required for the bonding between Dinitrol window adhesives and polymer …

UPC: 1205504

Black, permanently plastic, dabable sealing putty with a very high solid content.
Suitable for sealing rubber surrounds, …

UPC: 1207004

High-modulus, low-conductivity, solvent-free and fast-curing 2-component PUR industrial adhesive. Characterized by a very fast build-up of …

UPC: 1207804

Gray, easily spreadable, thixotropic, quick-drying, permanently elastic sealant that can be painted over.
Can be used for …

UPC: 1208390

kLine Spray Fix spray adhesive
is an adhesive for the permanent connection of foam, jute,
Felt, textiles, insulating …

UPC: 1208404

Medium viscosity, fast reacting cyanoacrylate adhesive. Universally applicable.
Good adhesive properties on rubber, plastic and metal. 1-component,
easy …

UPC: 1211309

is a fast curing, microemissive and easy to use 2-part polyurethane structural adhesive. It hardens through …

UPC: 1211604

is a primer for plastic surfaces, made from resins dispersed in solvents.

UPC: 1211700

mixer with 20 elements for optimal mixing of both components without air pockets. Suitable for processing …

UPC: 1220200

Extremely strong cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue) for bonding a wide variety of materials.
The special feature is the …

UPC: 1221300

Moisture-reactive 1-component PUR adhesive, low in particles, with good adhesion to top coats, very good staying …

UPC: 1225000

Static mixer 13-18 a. Plastic mixer for optimal mixing of both components without air pockets. Suitable
for …

UPC: 1228800

2-component PUR adhesive with high strength, which is particularly suitable for structural bonds. The pot life …

UPC: 1232704

1-component, sprayable and brushable seam sealant that hardens due to humidity.
Can be sprayed with the help …

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