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UPC: 1004119

Application examples
. Corrosion protection of bare aluminum profile cuts
. Sealing of e.g. E.g. mitres, butt joints …

UPC: 1205504

Black, permanently plastic, dabable sealing putty with a very high solid content.
Suitable for sealing rubber surrounds, …

UPC: 1207804

Gray, easily spreadable, thixotropic, quick-drying, permanently elastic sealant that can be painted over.
Can be used for …

UPC: 1232704

1-component, sprayable and brushable seam sealant that hardens due to humidity.
Can be sprayed with the help …

UPC: 1249510

Single-component adhesive and sealant for primed and painted metals, aluminum, wood materials and thermosets.

UPC: 1305100

The parts to be sealed must be clean, free of grease and dry.
Permanent seal: Apply sealing …

UPC: 3110310

Neutral cross-linking 1-component RTV silicone, which is ideally suited for many industrial applications. Ergo 3110 Super …

UPC: 6261234

Dekasyl MS-1 adhesive and sealant is suitable for the production of elastic connections of components that …

UPC: M000050

"DINITROL 425 UV is a 1 component
Polyurethane sealant and adhesive with
excellent stamina and good
UV and weather …

UPC: M000051

"Dekaseal 8936
Dekaseal 8936 is a permanent, slightly sticky,
non-curing plastic adhesive that is lightweight
dabbed but cannot be …

UPC: M000052

"Dekasyl MS-2
Dekasyl MS-2 adhesive and sealant is in the making
suitable for elastic connections of components,
where an …

UPC: M000053

"kLine Spray Seal pro
One-component, sprayable and brushable seam sealing,
that hardens through humidity. Can
with the help of …

UPC: M000150

DINITROL 770 is a one-component, moisture-curing silane-terminated
Polymer with excellent weather and UV stability. DINITROL 770 was …