Pistolen Korrosionsschutz

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UPC: 1700600

Professional cavity pressure cup gun with standard compressed air connection and non-return valve.
Capacity 1 l.
The amount …

UPC: 1706100

Gun for airless pump 1:26.
J200 / 250 bar.

UPC: 1706154

Pistole für Airlesspumpe

UPC: 1706200

Airmix gun with plug-in coupling for using cavity probes for kLine Airmix pumps

UPC: 9750000

Different structures can be sprayed thanks to the adjustable amount of material and the adjustable spray …

UPC: 9770000

Structural gun for processing 1 lt cans, for structural spraying of underbody and stone chip protection.

UPC: M000161

For processing corrosion protection agents in standard 1 liter
Cans / containers. Gun lightweight composite / aluminum …

UPC: M000162

Professional device with 1 liter pressure vessel. Saucer made of anodized
Aluminum. This also makes it suitable …