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UPC: 1211304

component PUR adhesive for flexible and rigid parts.
Dosing by means of a dosing gun, forced mixing …

UPC: 1211309

is a fast curing, microemissive and easy to use 2-part polyurethane structural adhesive. It hardens through …

UPC: 1211700

mixer with 20 elements for optimal mixing of both components without air pockets. Suitable for processing …

UPC: 1253100

2-component structural adhesive for plastics and metal. Particularly characterized by high strength, quick drying, recoatable and …

UPC: 1506490

kLine IPA Clean isopropanol cleaner contains high-purity isopropanol and cleans with it without
to leave residue. The …

UPC: 4472103

Can be used with all 50 ml models of S-type and rectangular cartridges. Low costs. Only …