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UPC: 1104604

Water-thinnable stone chip and underbody protection based on dispersion with anti-corrosion pigments. Highly elastic, good adhesion …

UPC: M000007

"Dinitrol 449
DINITROL 449 is an environmentally friendly stone chip and
Corrosion protection with anti-drone effect. DINITROL
449 is …

UPC: M000039

"Dinitrol 440 Dröhnex - light gray
Dinitrol 441 Dröhnex - white
Dinitrol 445 Dröhnex - black
Plastic-based product, paintable, …

UPC: M000040

"Dinitrol 447 Protect Super
Rubber-based product, paintable, with
Zinc anti-corrosion additives. Particularly quickly
drying, free of aggressive solvents
Materials, permanently …

UPC: M000041

"Dinitrol 442 Pyrmotec 53
Plastic based product. With all paints
tintable. Structure-forming, grindable, also wet
can be painted over …

UPC: M000042

"Dinitrol 429 AB IQ
Fast drying, water soluble product one
forms black, elastic film and is so effective
protects …