Reinigung und Korrosionsschutzentfernung

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UPC: 1202002

Dissolves preservation waxes from vehicle paints and surfaces without attacking the subsurface. The product is characterized …

UPC: 1203025

kLine CleanTix is a thixotropic cold degreaser with an excellent cleaning effect. The product has thixotropic …

UPC: 1500200

flame-retardant cold degreaser for commercial use.
Has good dissolving power for mineral, animal and vegetable oils and …

UPC: 1500301

wipes, contamination can be removed easily and effectively.

UPC: 1506290

based on natural raw materials with a citrus scent.
Dissolves grease, resinified oils, tar, glue, etc.

UPC: 3980259

Highly effective, aromatic-free hydrocarbon mixture for waxes based on paraffin. The product is characterized by high …

UPC: 9771000

Air pistol + detachable hose with blow-out nozzle. The 150cm flexible hose can be inserted into …

UPC: 9771100

Air gun + connectable hose with blow-out nozzle. The flexible 150cm hose can be inserted into …

UPC: 9780005

Compressed air needle scaler gun

With this device you can optimally remove loose/coarse rust and old …

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