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UPC: 1301304

Universally applicable 2-component filler and filler on a polyester basis.
The product is compact and pore-free. Suitable …

UPC: 1301604

Universally applicable 2-component filler and filler based on polyester.
Particularly compact and pore-free.
Dents and breakouts up to …

UPC: 1303604

Pasty, very smooth 2-component filler, particularly suitable for the post-treatment of repaired plastic parts. Elastic, short …

UPC: 1304104

Metal-containing 2-component plastic filler with high mechanical strength. Can be sawed, drilled, ground and milled in …

UPC: 1705000

For processing filler compounds.

UPC: M000080

"Dinitrol 6010 Supersoft
2-component filling and drawing spatula based on polyester.
Good stamina, ideally suited
for precise filling and …

UPC: M000081

"Dinitrol 6050 Poly Star Plus Universal
Universally applicable 2-component on all substrates
Filling and drawing spatula based on …

UPC: M000082

"Dinitrol 6080 Fiberplast
Glass-fiber reinforced 2-component polyester filler
for bridging rusty spots on body parts
without fiberglass mats. After …

UPC: M000083

"Dinitrol 6064 hardener
Hardener tubes or cartridges for Dinitrol leveling compounds.
The corresponding filler very
mix carefully with 2-3% …